which statements are true? select each correct answer.a) 30a^6-24a^2=3à^2(10a^4-8)b) 24a^4+18=6(4a^⁴+3)c) 16a^5-20a^3=4a^3(4a^2-5)D) 12a^3+8a=4(3a^3+2a)​

Accepted Solution

Answer:All are Truea) 30a^6-24a^2=3à^2(10a^4-8) b) 24a^4+18=6(4a^⁴+3) c) 16a^5-20a^3=4a^3(4a^2-5) D) 12a^3+8a=4(3a^3+2a)​Step-by-step explanation:a) 30a^6-24a^2=3à^2(10a^4-8) since; 3à^2(10a^4-8)         = 30a^6 - 24a^2b) 24a^4+18=6(4a^⁴+3) Since; 6(4a^⁴+3) opening the brackets            = 24a^4 + 18c) 16a^5-20a^3=4a^3(4a^2-5) Since; 4a^3(4a^2-5) , opening the brackets we get          = 16a^5 - 20^3D) 12a^3+8a=4(3a^3+2a)​Since;4(3a^3+2a)​, opening the bracket we get;         = 12a^3 + 8a